Chiho Kijima

is fashion and advertisement illustrator and Art director who was born in Tokyo, Japan. Illustrations for many clients in the publishers ,fashion, jewellry, beauty and cinema, music industry.


The Procter & Gamble Company Japan Shiseido collaboration with fashion magazine Swarovski Japan Miss Universe Japan and Weider in Jelly SPEEDO Shiki Theater Company (starring Kanji Ishimaru) NewYork nail shop Dashing DIVA Mercedes-Benz Japan


BITEKI, SPUR,GINZA... Akutagawa Prize-winning author Fuminori Nakamura Lauren Weisberger wellknown as"The Devil Wears Prada” ... IMAGES FOR MOVIE Japanese film-SHONEN- director Yuji Dan--- actor Kastuya Kobayashi IMAGES


Sinske-Marimbist, Shikinami-Music group, ZOE-Chinese singer, ERINA-Violinist, Kon Shirasu-Violinist Kae Fujimori-Fashion model Miho Kurachi-Fencing player Miho-Fashion model Orika-Fashion model Kozue-Fashion model



2006     Shiki Theater Company the cover of pamphlet.Le Passe-muraille 
              Lauren Weisberger-the cover of Novel (Party Planner)
2007      Shiseido Tsubaki tie-up 
2008      SPEEDO swim ware image
2010      Miss Universe Japan and Weider in Jelly
2012      SINSKE Flower for U ALBUM
2014      Exhibition at l'atelier by APC with SHIKINAMI concert
2016      SWAROVSKI JAPAN Mother’s day image
2017      Akutagawa Prize-winning author Fuminori Nakamura Novel
2021      The Procter & Gamble Company Web CM
2022       Agricultural cooperative bag images/Japan
2023       FILM “BOY” by director Yuji Dan 
                ( invited The 23rd Nippon Connection Film Festival in Frankfurt)
2023       World Peace Forum speech in Barcelona
               as Real Circle Artistic Japanese ambassador
               Palau de la Musica promotion
               Girona city hall event ART performance 11/1 Spain Barcelona
               PMI(Philip Morris) ideation pitch(Italy)